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Discover the Exquisite Roban EC-130 Grand Canyon 800 Scale Helicopter ARF - A Marvel of Detail and Design

Introducing the Roban EC-130 Grand Canyon 800 Size Scale Helicopter ARF - a meticulously crafted scale model that redefines precision and realism in the RC helicopter world. This almost ready-to-fly (ARF) masterpiece mirrors the iconic EC-130 helicopter, renowned for its use in sightseeing and rescue operations globally.

Key Features:

1. Unmatched Scale Accuracy: The EC-130 model boasts an incredible fidelity to the original aircraft, featuring a detailed fuselage complete with rivets, panel lines, and authentic markings. Each aspect, from the nose to the tail, is crafted to mirror the real helicopter, offering an immersive experience.

2. Innovative Design: Roban's commitment to excellence is evident in the EC-130's fenestron tail rotor design and the unique three-seat configuration in the cockpit, making it a standout model in the RC community.

3. Functionality Meets Aesthetics: All doors are operational, adding to the realism. The cockpit is not just a visual treat but also illuminated, enhancing the display and play value. The passenger compartment is fully detailed, offering a glimpse into the helicopter's operational layout.

4. Proven Mechanism: The heart of this model is the HSM-800 mechanism (2019 version), a time-tested system that powers thousands of models with reliability and efficiency. The Fenestron unit, a feature in over 2000 models, assures a robust and dependable drive system.

5. Concealed Mechanics for a Sleek Look: The mechanics are ingeniously integrated, maintaining the sleek profile of the helicopter. This thoughtful design ensures an unobstructed view of the model's exquisite detailing.

6. Easy Access for Maintenance: The removable hood provides easy access to the batteries, strategically placed to optimize the model's center of gravity.

7. Scale Realism: The cockpit and mechanics are positioned just as in the full-scale version, highlighting Roban's attention to detail and commitment to scale accuracy.

The Roban EC-130 Grand Canyon 800 size ARF is not just a model; it's a testament to the fusion of craftsmanship and technology, offering both RC enthusiasts and collectors a piece of aviation art to cherish.


Body length:1760mm
Length incl. rotors:1960mm
Main rotor diameter1660mm
Main blade length:750mm
Fenstron diameter:160mm
Tail blade length:70mm
Main shaft diameter:12mm
Tail shaft diameter:5mm
Spindle diameter:8mm
Main blade count:2
Tail blade count:9
Drive gear ratio:1:13.8:4.7
Motor:*1x 750MX 450KV brushless outrunner , 12S capable
Speed controller:*1x 120A brushless, 12S capable
Servo:*3x metal gear cyclic, 1x metal gear tail servo
Battery:*44.4V 5000mAh 35C
Flight time:8 minutes
Takeoff weight:8000g
Flight Stabilization:*3 axis flybarless gyro
Radio Control:*min. 6 channel with pitch and throttle curves



800 EC-130 C-FTIT

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