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Explore the Exquisite Roban Airwolf Scale 800 ARF - A Masterpiece of Detail and Realism

Step into the world of high-fidelity modeling with the Roban Airwolf Scale 800 ARF. This top-tier scale kit is a homage to the iconic aircraft from the beloved TV series, offering a level of detail and accuracy that's rare in the RC helicopter hobby.


Key Highlights:

  • Unmatched Scale Realism: The Airwolf model is a marvel of precision, capturing the essence of the fictional aircraft with astounding accuracy. Its meticulously crafted hull features rivets, sheet metal joints, and numerous intricate details that bring the legendary TV series aircraft to life.

  • Illuminated Scale Detail Cockpit: The cockpit is a masterpiece, equipped with an illuminated instrument panel, overhead panel, joysticks, and rudder pedals. It's complemented by realistic aerials, windshield wipers, and a special camera on each side of the fuselage, offering an immersive experience.

  • Authentic Interior Details: Every aspect of the interior, from the floor to the ceiling, is designed for authenticity. Once installed, these elements create a cockpit/interior that is impressively true to scale, enhancing the overall appeal of the model.

  • Electric Retracts for Added Realism: This kit includes easy-to-install electric retracts, elevating its scale appeal and making it a standout in any collection.

  • Proven and Reliable Mechanism: At its core lies the HSM-800 mechanism (2019 version), a robust and reliable system that powers thousands of models with proven efficiency and durability.

  • Seamless Mechanics Integration: The mechanics are ingeniously concealed within the model, maintaining the sleek and authentic look of the Airwolf. This thoughtful design ensures a visually unobstructed and realistic model.

  • Accessible Maintenance Design: The removable hood allows for easy battery access, placed strategically to enhance the model's balance and center of gravity.

  • Faithful to the Original: The placement of the cockpit and the integration of the mechanics into the engine compartment mirror the full-scale version, showcasing Roban's commitment to authenticity.


Please Note: The Airwolf model's underbelly rocket launcher (RBN-AW8RL) is an additional accessory, sold separately, for those looking to further enhance this magnificent model.


The Roban Airwolf Scale 800 ARF is more than a model; it's a tribute to the art of scale modeling, offering RC enthusiasts and collectors a piece of aviation history reimagined with remarkable detail and craftsmanship.


Body length:1794mm
Length incl. rotors:1960mm
Main rotor diameter1660mm
Main blade length:750mm
Fenstron diameter:160mm
Tail blade length:70mm
Main shaft diameter:12mm
Tail shaft diameter:5mm
Spindle diameter:8mm
Main blade count:2
Tail blade count:9
Drive gear ratio:1:13.8:4.7
Motor:*1x 750MX 450KV brushless outrunner , 12S capable
Speed controller:*1x 120A brushless, 12S capable
Servo:*3x metal gear cyclic, 1x metal gear tail servo
Battery:*44.4V 5000mAh 35C
Flight time:8 minutes
Takeoff weight:8000g
Flight Stabilization:*3 axis flybarless gyro
Radio Control:*

min. 6 channel with pitch and throttle curves


800 Airwolf ARF

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