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We did not just make an effort with this fuselage to get this scale from the outside,
we also tried to get the whole concept more scale.


Scale means also to allow more interior fittings, this we have made possible by the new inner structure of the fuselage.

Special side plates for the mechanics make it possible to place them in the upper dome area, leaving more space free for interior work.


You will need a TREX-600 or a Chaos 600TT or similar TT driven mechanics.
(no EFL or pro only with additional adapter)

Cockpit optionally available


Technical specifications:
●Length: 1480mm (58.25 ")
● Width: 330mm (13 ")
● Height: 280mm (11 ")

● UH-1N / 212 scale fuselage
● Armament in the Military Version
● Upgrade frame
● metal gear tail gearbox and short torque tube



600 UH-1N Rescue

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