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Not only did we make an effort with this fuselage to get it right from the outside, we also tried
to get the whole concept more scale.

Scale means also to allow more interior fittings, this we have made possible by the new inner structure of the fuselage.
Special side plates for the mechanics allow them to be placed in the upper dome area, leaving more space free for interior work.

You will need a TREX-500 or similar TT driven mechanics.

This fuselage is designed for the torque tube tail drive.
We have chosen this variant because it is considered extremely reliable and is very maintenance-free and moreover very easy to install.

The new side frames allow for
- installation in the upper dome area.
- get the rear down further down, this has always been a problem.

The fuselage is already prepared to a large extent.
All frames are already mounted, holes for LG are incorporated, partially glued windows, doors mounted and the fuselage has a high quality paint job.







KIT contents:

●Fiber Glass scale fuselage x 1
●Pellucid canopy cover x 1
●Horizontal stabilizer x 2
●Upper Tail Assembly Set x 1
●Belt x 1
●Landing Gear Set x 1 Pack
●Frame Stand Wood x 1 Pack
●Screw Pack x 1



500 UH-1 German Air Rescue

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