B 407 470 size

470 size B 407

Robans new 470 size B 407 is now available. Its the first product in our Super Scale series.


  • Quad Blade Rotorhead and scale carbon fiber rotor blades included
  • Extremely detailed surface details, a realism unknown in this size class
  • Complete six seated scale cabin (cockpit instrument panels illuminated)
  • Complete built in / preinstalled position lighting system (controllable via remote)
  • Custom scale mechanics, build into the dog house, like on a real helicopter
  • Designed for use of standard equipment , fly with your existing parts
  • Take off weight of 1.2kg
  • 900mm long, exact 1/13 scale
  • Product is pre assembled and fully painted

Also available as static display model

Bell 407
Bell 407

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