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Scale Helicopters

Many of our scale helicopters are based on being used with a according TREX or equivalent mechanics, called T-Series. The TREX mechanics are a fast and powerful framework that lets you adapt many different kind of  sophisticated fuselages in no time. Our products provide all the elaborate accessories and parts that make our fuselages easy to install, nice to look at and a unique upgrade to your helicopter mechanics. Check out all the features...

Easy to install

Our fuselages are made to be as simple as it can be for you to set them up with your existing mechanics.

Modular System

Our bodies come with all the necessary parts to use your standard TREX or equivalent mechanics straight away.

Compactor Super Scale series

New to super scale? Don't worry! We provide mechanics that are working with standard equipment to get you started right away with your super scale project, our S-S-Series.

KIT Package

We provide a full kit package that includes all the hardware that common electronics can power up. You can take a look at how everything is set up in our download section. Our compactor is just a regular CCPM mechanic, that just builds very compact. Our resellers have all spareparts available and are reasonably priced.

PNP Version

The PNP version comes with all neccessary electric equipment except transmitter, receiver, battery and charger.

Rotor Blades

We produce a lot of different kinds and styles of helicopter rotorblades, from 3D blades over scale look-like ones to economic blades that provide prolonged flight times. So you can have a close look at our site and it will well might be worth the time to add our rotor blades into your collection.

Scale Look

These blades come in many stylings, different shapes and colours. Take a look at all the different variations.


These series deliver you sophisticated designs that use much more of the rotor blade area than regular 3D blades. They are meant for applications where the extra on flight time is essential and desired, such as FPV or aerial photography.

Compatibility and Help

Our T-Series fuselages are fully compatible with all TREX compatible products. Many other types of mechanics can fit on our S-Series. Our X-Series bodies are only compatible with our compactor series. Learn more about how to install and set up one of our fuselages at the download section.

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