500 size UH-1N

Motor: 1700KV
ESC: 60A+
Pinion gear: 12T-11T
Length: 1150mm
Width: 330mm
Height: 280mm
Weight: 1500g

All you need is a flying Trex 500, Chaos 500 or any Variant that utilizes a torque tube.

Thats right, the H-1N kit incorporates a torque tube drive tail system.

Just like the real helicopters, this drive system is extremely reliable, maintenance free and is extremely quick to install. No more adjusting, tightening belts, and lubricating drive systems. This is a plug n play system and is a dream to install. The special designed side frames are designed to offer 2 unique features.

1. To lower the transmission allowing for the torque tube to travel thru the lower tail boom of the helicopter. This has always been an issue with mostly military helicopters.

2. Probably the most revolutionary design in scale helicopters, these frames allow the entire mechanical system to be tucked up inside the dog house just like the real helicopters. This allows for a truly scale helicopter. Normally the mechanics would take up the entire fuselage area, leaving no room for cockpits, rear seats etc.. That's all changed with Roban's new frame design. Most of the work is done for you. Pre drilled holes for easy install of landing gear. All wood work is installed. Beautifully painted fiberglass fuselage Scale cockpit is completely hand assembled and painted for you. All you need to do is just slide it in. No more stickers, each cockpit is hand painted with raised details and instruments.

* Cockpit sold separately.

Power set up: Because the UH-1N is a 2 blade helicopter, there is no need to change any configuration within the mechanics. If you have a healthy flying 500 helicopter, you will not need to upgrade or change anything. Standard 500 set up is a 1400-1700 kv out runner 30mm motor 60-80 amp esc 6s 3000 - 4000 mah battery pack with a " C " rating of 25 or higher.

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