250 size MD500

Product Description: MD500 250 size

Please be aware that the E-Version is the pointed nose, the D version is the round nose.

Product Color: YE (Yellow) Item No:HSB-MD250YE-D

Product Color: MG (Magnum painting) Item No:HSB-MD250MG-D

Product Color: MG (Magnum painting) Item No:HSB-MD250MG-E

Product Color: MI (Military) Item No:HSB-MD250MI-E

Product Color: SI (Silver) Item No:HSB-MD250SI-E

Product Color: YB (Yellow black) Item No:HSB-MD250YB-E

Product Color: YE (Yellow) Item No:HSB-MD250YE-E

Specifications / Set includes:

MD500D 250 Pre-Painted fuselage for 250 size helicopters.Suitable for ALIGN T-REX250.

  • Body length:410mm
  • Body width:99mm
  • Body height:130mm
  • Weight :150g
  • Fiber Glass scale fuselage x 1
  • Horizontal stabilizer x 1
  • Vertical stabilizer x 3
  • Landing skids x 2
  • Landing gear set x 1
  • Mounting skids Pack x 1
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