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Roban is a professional manufacturer of scale aircrafts of 50 employees located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

Our location consists of a 4 storey manufacturing plant building, an office building with offices, studio, development offices and a dormitory that includes a dining hall. This allows us to produce our products entirely in-house, including FRP lamination, wood work, painting, assembly, packagaging, and tooling.

Roban is a leading company in it's field, being the largest manufacturer of scale helicopters in China and shipping worldwide to resellers in 18 countries.

So let us give you a detailed introduction of Roban:


Excellent staff members and the German-born CEO

CEO and Staff

Born and raised in Germany, Michael always wanted to produce scale aircraft that anyone could assemble and fly. This sincere idea, paired with a strong sense of responsibility and planning abilities is quite unique and led consequently to a ever growing range of scale models. The super-scale idea, providing a scale helicopter that doesn't require special skills other than knowing how to fly a helicopter, proved successful and draws ever more enthusiasts into flying scale aircrafts.

With a backup of 50 trained and skilled employees, Michael was able to become a very specialized and outstanding enterprise in a industrial region which companies usually focus on mass production of products.


Courtyard view of the production facilities (parking lot)

The parking lot is also used for quick flight testing of the models.

Introduction of each floor (section)

Showroom in the office

This is the showroom in the office building. Finished super scale models are shown in the office building, which also harbours development department, meeting rooms, photo studios and a administrative offices.

Strength of an integrated system

Manufacturing world class product that is delivered to 18 countries requires an integrated system to fulfill orders in time. All of the "planning" of scale parts,  design, manufacturing, production,  production of any part of a flying system requires a strong supply chain management as well as full control over inhouse production. ROBAN has acquired its knowledge through many years as an OEM scale helicopter body manufacturer, but hasn't just build up its own brand, but has built a solid position in todays market.

In addition, a strong and interlinking system of floor officers in each section that focus on management, quality control and efficiency are crucial to produce outstanding and complex machinery.

Planning and design

In this department, we design our products from nose to tail.

We reproduce scale details such as shapes on the basis of a huge amount of real helicopter material.

In addition, equipment, weaponry, airframe, and drivetrain components are fully designed in house.

Since starting to draw all details in 3D software in 2011, a full virtual review of the product can be assessed prior to production.

Tooling department

In this department, we produce our production tooling.

From 3D drawing to a complete production tooling, all is done in this department.

We make use of 3D printed and CNC milled plugs to create our production tooling.

FRP processing department

In this department we produce scale body and FRP parts.
High quality e-cloth paired with modern resins and gelcoats guarantee a consistent product.
Finally our highly skilled staff can turn these raw materials into lightweit and durable aircrafts.

Preassembly department

In this department we preassemble woodwork and FRP parts.
When this work is finished, the aircrafts can be painted.

Pain Shop

This department is in charge of all necessary masking processing in order to reproduce the huge variety of paint schemes of our products.
Between each paint step imperfections will be reworked before proceeding with the next color layup.

Pain Shop department

This department is in charge of applying paint. The colors are applied separately, each step requires a drying and masking time in between. When the paint job is completed, a final layer of clearcoat is applied.

Scale parts production

This department is in charge of producing detailed scale accessories that are coming with our super scale kits. Parts are tooled from precise molds and carefully crafted and assembled into cockpits, weaponry and the latter. This department is also in charge of the final assembly of parts after painting the products.

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Images of our production

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