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Super Scale Osprey

  • Joeri K., Belgium

    800 size Airwolf

    „I want to thank you guys "Roban team" for the pieces that you have sent me. Everything was very well packed and arrived safely. I'm looking forward for the new models of Roban ! Now first i gone make my heli so that i can fly with my airwolf.“ - Vid Link, pls left click 

  • Laurent T., Netherlands

    700 AH-1 Cobra

    „I build a Cobra AH-1W from your kit and I would thanks you for the quality of flight of this machine. You can see below two links for YouTube videos.“ Vid Link, pls left click

  • Joe Z., French-Suisse

    700 AS-350 Air Zermatt

    „(no comment available, but a video says more than words)“ Vid Link, pls left click

How it works

Our SM mechanics are designed that you can't see them. They hide away in the same spots where real helicopters hide their mechanical parts.

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Mobile Use

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